Reasons to Install Engineered Flooring in Your Home

Timber flooring spreads warmth around a home with its organic shades and patterns. However, rather than solid planks, you might consider engineered floorboards. Here are several reasons to invest in engineered flooring.


The problem with solid planks is that wood shrinks and expands as humidity and temperature shifts. This tendency can cause difficulties for solid timber floorboards, as they will push against each other or leave gaps. Engineered flooring overcomes this vulnerability because its plywood core is stable, consisting of thin timber layers with alternating grains. Because this resilient core is topped off with a layer of hardwood, you'll enjoy the benefit of natural timber, but the flooring will be more functional. Thus, you're free to install engineered planks in rooms like bathrooms where you wouldn't consider solid boards.

Features Genuine Wood

Engineered flooring is more genuine and attractive than other wood alternatives such as laminate and vinyl planks. These floors don't feature natural wood. Instead, laminate and vinyl both use a photograph of timber to give the illusion of the real thing. A photo can't evoke the same feeling as natural wood, regardless of the sophistication of printing technology.

Design Alternatives

Engineered flooring comes with plenty of grains and colour patterns to match various rooms. The veneer layer can use different timber species and exhibit a gamut of shades, including pink, yellow, red, honey, and cocoa tones. In a Scandanavian kitchen, you could lay pale timber, while in a classic home, you could choose warm amber shades. You'll have the same extensive choice as you do with solid hardwood planks.


Solid timber planks can be resanded over the years to replenish their look, and you can do the same with engineered planks, but to a lesser degree. The thickness of the veneer layer determines how many times the planks can be resanded. A thicker veneer allows for more resanding than a thinner one. Thus, when you are installing engineered boards, check the refinishing options. Faux timber floors such as laminate and vinyl planks can't be resanded at all, as they only display a wood photo.

Thus, engineered flooring offers a resilient alternative to solid timber planks. Engineered boards feature a timber veneer, but their core uses stable plywood. Therefore, you can install these boards in many places where you may not consider solid timber. You'll have a range of colour options also, as the veneer layer features various hardwood species. Finally, you can resand engineered planks to look new again.