3 Carpet Types For High Traffic Areas In Your Home

Carpet flooring is loved by many for its ability to make a room feel cosy, reduce draughts and provide a soft, comfortable surface for young children to play on. A modern carpet can transform the look of a room, and carpets can last for years when looked after properly, so they can be a worthwhile investment and aren't difficult to clean. When looking for new carpeting for your home, you'll notice there are several types available. If you are carpeting high traffic areas in your home, such as the entrance hall or living room, you'll want to ensure you're opting for a carpet that will meet your needs and won't stain easily or show signs of wear quickly. Here are three carpet types suitable for high traffic areas for you to consider:


Nylon is a hardwearing synthetic material that doesn't stain easily. It's not prone to discolouration when cleaned and unlike some synthetic carpets, nylon carpets feel soft on your skin, which makes them ideal for use in children's bedrooms. This type of carpet is a little more expensive than some other synthetic carpets, but it won't face or flatten easily, which can make it the more cost-effective option long-term. Nylon carpets are ideal for use in all rooms but are particularly well suited to hallways, stairs and living areas.


Polypropylene is another synthetic material that's hardwearing, and this type of carpet is a little less expensive than nylon carpeting. Polypropylene carpets are ideal for homes with young children or pets, as this material is stain-resistant and can be cleaned with strong carpet cleaners that include bleach should you encounter a particularly stubborn stain.


Wool is a soft, natural material, so it's more expensive than both polypropylene and nylon carpets. However, wool carpets can last for decades if they are looked after well, and wool carpets are chemical-free, which may be important to you if you are sensitive to chemicals or carpeting a child's room. Wool carpeting is suitable for any area of your home other than areas with high humidity, such as an ensuite, as natural fibres are susceptible to mildew damage when humidity is higher than is optimal.

When choosing carpet flooring for your home, take time to consider how your home is used and what your carpets will have to withstand. View a number of carpet samples from your chosen retailer and ask them for their input on the type of carpet that would be most suitable for your property.