What Are the Benefits of Using Engineered Oak Flooring? Find Out

Engineered oak has become one of the most sought-after flooring materials in the market. In the past, people had reservations about using hardwood because of moisture, pests and lack of tensile strength. However, since engineered wood was developed, it has become straightforward to install and customize wood flooring for every room in the home. Homeowners are even boldly installing engineered wood in their kitchens and bathrooms, areas where wood was previously avoided.

If you are looking for flooring material and are not sure which one is best, consider using engineered oak flooring. Here are three benefits you can get from installing engineered oak.

It Resembles Real Wood

People love hardwood floors because they have this rustic elegance that no other flooring material can match. Engineered oak has a genuine top cover of oak. The lower layers are made from composite materials that strengthen the wood. The resulting floor resembles a natural oak floor, but it has more tensile strength than a solid wood floor would have.

Professionals finish the wood so expertly that you cannot see the difference between it and actual oak floors. 

It Handles Moisture Well

A typical weakness in natural oak is that it contracts and expands at a very high rate when exposed to moisture and dry weather. The expansion and contraction cycles create cracks on the surface of the wood. The fissures retain water and dirt, which speeds up the rate at which the wood deteriorates.

Engineered wood does not contract and expand with temperature changes. It maintains its structural integrity regardless of the underlying conditions. This makes it an excellent alternative for the house's humid parts, like the kitchen and the bathroom.

It Is Extremely Durable

Engineered wood has a layer of real oak at the top. You can sand it several times without ruining it. The thickness of the layer also makes it possible to refinish the wood several times without destroying it. 

The structure of the flooring material has a top layer bonded with layers of plywood. The design makes it easy to bear a lot of force without breaking.

The other benefits of engineered oak are that it is easy to maintain and cheaper than natural hardwood. The essential thing is to look for a reliable supplier of engineered oak flooring materials. Also, be sure to find a competent floor contractor to install an elegant, durable floor that is also easy to maintain.