All You Need to Know About Bamboo Flooring

Are you planning to install a new floor in your house? Well, you should consider bamboo flooring. Bamboo floors are not only affordable but also have a close resemblance to hardwood floors. In the article below, you will learn more about bamboo floors and the various considerations you should make when purchasing a bamboo floor. 

Types of Bamboo Floors, Their Benefits and Their Disadvantages 

There are three types of solid bamboo floors:

  1. Horizontal bamboo floors are manufactured by cutting bamboo into small strips. The strips are boiled, dried and glued horizontally.
  2. Vertical bamboo floors are similar to horizontal bamboo floors. However, the strips are glued vertically.
  3. During the manufacture of strand-woven bamboo floors, the strands are mixed with adhesives and compressed under extreme pressure to form a grain pattern. 

Horizontal and vertical bamboo floors can be sanded to remove scratches. Although they may be more durable than some softwood and hardwood floors, they are not as durable as strand-woven bamboo floors. Solid bamboo floors should not be installed in wet and damp areas such as bathrooms and basements. 

Engineered bamboo floors consist of a thin layer of bamboo adhered to plywood. The floors may also have wearing and waterproofing agents. Engineered bamboo floors are stable, durable and easier to install compared to solid bamboo floors.  

Top Tips When Purchasing a Bamboo Floor

Below is a short guide to help you when purchasing a bamboo floor. 


Conduct an internet search to determine reputable bamboo manufacturers. Seek reviews from people who have installed bamboo floors in their homes. Do not select a company based on their price; choose one that manufacturers quality materials and provides after-sales services such as warranties and repairs.  


Bamboo trees used to manufacture bamboo floors should be harvested after five years. Trees harvested before this period will produce substandard floors. Treatment methods, such as carbonising, will weaken the bamboo floor.


Bamboo floors can be stained to give different colours. Choose a colour that complements your interior appliances, fixtures and paint. 

Method of Installation

The planks can either have clicks and locks or tongues and grooves. They can be nailed or glued to your floor. You could also choose to have floating bamboo floors where the planks are placed on a foam underlayment. A skilled bamboo floor installer can recommend a suitable installation method. 

Bamboo floors are your best bet when you need a durable and affordable floor for your home. With the above tips, you should have an easy time choosing and purchasing a bamboo floor for your home.