Exciting Solutions For Unique Interiors When Installing Timber Flooring

Timber flooring, undeniably, remains a sought-after choice for homeowners that want an elegant touch in their home. As long as you stick to a maintenance schedule, your timber flooring should last you for decades, and this makes them a worthwhile investment. Nonetheless, if you want to maximize the appeal of your timber flooring, you should contemplate trends that are bound to add value to your home. Rather than traditional planks, you can play around with both colour and arrangement to complement your décor. The following are exciting solutions to consider when installing timber flooring.

Grey timber flooring

You may be familiar with whitewashed timber flooring, which happens to be a staple for houses with a beachy feel. However, have you considered timber floors with a grey finish? While grey is not a common pick for most homeowners, this colour of flooring will add a modern touch to any home. Moreover, the neutrality of this colour means the timber floors will not detract from any design choices you have made for your spaces! An added advantage of grey timber flooring is the light hue that creates the semblance of spaciousness while making the ambience seem airier. Make the most of this illusion by opting for wide planks that draw the eye farther along the floor.

Engineered timber flooring

Perhaps you are keen on timber flooring but do not have the budget for it. That does not mean you have to settle for something vastly different from what you have in mind. Engineered timber flooring is steadily becoming a top choice for homeowners that want the visual appeal of hardwood flooring without the hefty price tag. A massive benefit of the engineered variety is that not only does it not compromise on aesthetic value, but it is also highly durable and can withstand humidity as well as seasonal temperature changes.

Parquet timber flooring

If you have a penchant for the traditional but do not want your timber flooring to appear outdated, you could consider parquetry. Granted, this type of timber flooring installation started to decline in popularity once linoleum and other artificial forms of flooring were introduced to the market. However, it has started to witness a revival in recent times with more and more people leaning toward the classic appeal of old-world furnishings. Additionally, you have the option of rejuvenating thee appeal of the parquet with a few tweaks. For instance, you could have the mosaic pieces of timber stained with a dark finish rather than the traditional light and dark mix. Your flooring contractor can advise you of the various ways that you can play around with parquet to make it look as current as possible.

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