Some of the advantages of instaling vinyl floors

Vinyl flooring is a familiar sight in today's homes, particularly in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and other places that might get damp. If you are thinking of using this kind of floor covering yourself, here are some of the advantages.

Easy to install

It is perfectly possible to install vinyl flooring yourself (although you may still want to get a professional for best results). The vinyl comes in a roll or tiles, and can be easily cut and fitted around the room. It need not take long to install, although you should ensure that the surface you are putting it on is level and free of any particles of grit or rubble - otherwise they could damage the vinyl, or give it a wavy appearance.

Easy to maintain

Vinyl floors are much easier to take care of than carpets or other types of floor covering. You will need to sweep it regularly to keep the dirt and grit off, and then it will only need mopping with floor cleaner to keep it free of marks. For the most part though you can leave it to look after itself.

Water resistant

Vinyl is nearly waterproof, and will not absorb any moisture. This makes it an ideal flooring for bathrooms and kitchens, as any spillages or leaks can simply be mopped up without any damage to the vinyl or the floor underneath.


Vinyl is a very strong material that should not suffer from being walked on. As with everything, more expensive types of vinyl will be stronger, but even cheaper ones will last for many years. And if you use tiles rather than a single sheet, you will be able to remove individual sections and replace them with new ones if they become damaged, without having to change over the entire floor.


Although the price range for vinyl will vary according to the type and quality of the material, it should be cheaper than other types of covering such as carpeting, and certainly cheaper than wood or stone flooring. The fact that it is so economical makes it an ideal solution for renovating a room on a budget.

Vinyl is a type of flooring that is cheap, easy to maintain and simple to install. Just get in touch with your local vinyl flooring supplier, and you will be on the way to a stylish and simple solution for your home.