Reasons Why Most Homeowners Are Choosing Wood Laminate Flooring

Are you searching for a suitable flooring for your new house? Maybe you'd like to upgrade from carpeting, or replace your worn out hardwood floor. One of the options you can consider is to install a wood laminate floor. Wood laminate flooring has become one of the bestselling and most popular floor options today, and you might be tempted to install it too. Is it beneficial? Here are the reasons why property owners are choosing wood laminate flooring for both residential and commercial buildings.  

Easier to install

Most people prefer wood laminate flooring because it's easy to install. Its design features the tongue & groove lock systems, making it simple for a floating installation anybody can handle. This is the reason people choose to DIY instead of hiring an installation contractor. However, it's always best to hire a laminate flooring expert since they will evaluate the condition of the old flooring and decide if it must be torn up before the new flooring is installed. The installation cost reduces significantly if the subfloor doesn't need to be prepared. If the wood laminate flooring is being installed in a new house, the expert will ensure you get an outstanding, expertly finished look.  

Environmentally friendly

Wood laminate flooring is made using wood and can be reused and recycled. So if you'd like to change the flooring in your living room, you can uninstall the laminate floor and then reinstall it in another room. Moreover, manufacturers use environmentally friendly practices which protect the forest and environment in general. They recycle the wooden materials when creating new planks, meaning less waste and trash.

Stress-free cleaning and maintenance

Whether you install wood laminate flooring in a busy commercial building or active household, the last thing you will need to worry about is cleaning and maintaining the floor. The hard laminate surface is easier to clean. You may sweep the dust or opt to vacuum the floor regularly. This prevents the accumulation of grit and dirt, which could dull or scratch the floor. Use a damp mop with less moisture for deep cleaning or to get rid of spills. Consider using a vinegar solution and water. Stubborn stains, such as markers, oil, paint, ink, and tar, can be cleaned using a white cotton cloth that contains a nail polish remover or acetone.

Prevents allergy problems

Wood laminate flooring is also ideal for homeowners who struggle with allergy problems. Since the flooring has a hard surface, it is difficult for indoor allergens, dirt, dust, and other particles to get trapped. Moreover, this later acts as a moisture barrier that prevents mould growth and protects the floor from damage.